The participating Brand is required to make an online submission in accordance with the judging criteria stated below. Evaluation of the Brand will be based on the following:

1. Brand concept 30
2. Brand management and development 50
3. Brand performance 20
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Brand Concept (Total: 30 Points)
The creation of an impression that the brand is associated with a product and/or service that has qualities and/or characteristics that makes it unique. It defines the essential tools to create all the desired messages and responses while delivering a solid promise to the end customer. This evaluation component will be based on the following:




Brand Vision and Mission - State the brand vision and mission. How are the brand vision and mission communicated through every level of the organisation? What has been done to achieve the brand vision and mission to date?




Brand Values and Personality - State and elaborate the values and personality of the Brand.




Brand Identity - State the significance of the brand logo and what it conveys. How is the Brand represented in its marketing communications (advertising & promotion, collaterals, digital applications on web and mobile) and customer touchpoints (product packaging and retail presence)?




Brand Promise - What is the brand promise and how is it being fulfilled?



Brand Management and Development (Total: 50 Points)
This evaluation component will be based on the following:




Brand Positioning - State and elaborate the positioning of the Brand.




Brand Building - Explain how the Brand is protected, enforced and promoted. Has the Brand undergone any trademark registration? If yes, please indicate the country and the number of trademarks registered. Does the organisation hold other intellectual property (IP) rights to the Brand? Does the Brand issue franchising rights? If yes, please indicate the number and location(s) of the franchises. Has the organisation licensed the use of the Brand or trade marks? If yes, please elaborate.




Digitalisation - What digital strategies have been implemented; how do these strategies enhance the brand building efforts and help achieve the desired brand experience. Please indicate the measures or systems in place for evaluating the effectiveness of these digital efforts (Return on Investments).




Brand Innovation and Brand Development - Does the Brand embrace innovation as a key business strategy? State and elaborate how innovation drives your business growth and performance such as new growth opportunities (new customer segments, new market, new channels, etc.) Has there been any product and/or service development programme implemented in the organisation? If yes, please elaborate.



Brand Performance (Total: 20 Points)
What is the Brand’s significance to the business? How does branding affect business performance? This evaluation component will be based on the following:




Growth and Profitability - What was the revenue growth of the Brand for the past 3 years (2021 - 2023)? Please indicate the sales turn over under the Brand. Has branding contributed to the revenue growth of the organisation? Please explain the trend for the past 3 years (2021 - 2023).



Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) Certification
Has the Brand’s company attained the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification?

*A bonus of 5 points will be awarded to Brands whose companies are DPTM-certified. Simply upload a copy of the DPTM certificate. For more information on DPTM, please visit www.imda.gov.sg/dptm.

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