SPBA - Special Merit
SPBA - Special Merit

Judging Criteria for SPBA - Special Merit

All Brands are required to submit a proposal in accordance to the submission template. Please contact the Award Secretariat for a copy of the submission template. Evaluation of the Brand will be based on the following criteria.

Note: SPBA - Special Merit is a unique Award Category to honour government agencies and not-for-profit organisations. The Award Organising Committee reserves the right to assess the suitability of the participating Brand that meets the Qualifying Criteria. The decision of the Award Organising Committee will be final and binding.

  Component Weightage (%)
  1. Brand Concept 30
  2. Brand Management and Development 30
  3. Brand Performance 40
  Total Weightage 100


Brand Concept
The creation of an impression that the Brand is associated with a product and/or service that has certain qualities or characteristics that makes it unique. It defines the essential tools to create all the desired messages and responses while delivering a solid promise to the end customer. This evaluation component will be based on the following:

  i. Brand Vision and Mission
State the Brand vision and mission. How are the Brand vision and mission being communicated through every level of the organisation? What has been done to achieve the Brand vision and mission to date?
  ii. Brand Values and Personality
What are the core values of the Brand? Describe the personality traits that the Brand displays in its image to its external audience, customers or the public.
  iii. Brand Identity
State the significance of the Brand logo and the choice of colours used. Describe how the Brand is being manifested through A&P activities, marketing collaterals, website, product packaging and the environment.
  iv. Brand Promise
What is the Brand promise and how is it being fulfilled? What is the public’s expectation of the Brand? Is this expectation fulfilled by the Brand? If yes, please elaborate.


Brand Management and Development
This evaluation component will be based on the following:

  i. Brand Positioning
State and elaborate the distinctive position of the Brand in the market.
  ii. Digitalisation
What digital strategies have been implemented and how do these digital strategies enhance the Brand building effort? Explain how these digital strategies are being implemented to complement the traditional channels to achieve an overall Brand experience. Please indicate the measures or systems in place for evaluating these digital efforts.
  iii. Brand Innovation
Does the company embrace innovation as a key business strategy? State and elaborate how innovation drives your business growth and performance such as new growth opportunities (new customer segments, new market, new channels, etc.) for your Brand.
  iv. Brand Development
Has there been any product and/or service development programme implemented in the organisation? If yes, please elaborate. Provide an illustration on the progress the Brand has made over the past 3 years (2013 - 2015). What is the Brand development plan for the next 3 years and how will it be implemented?


Brand Performance
How important is the Brand to the organisation and how did branding affect the organisation’s performance? This evaluation component will be based on the following:

  i. Growth
Has branding contributed to the growth of the organisation? If yes, please elaborate. Areas of growth could include successful KPIs, membership figures, student intake, funds raised, projects undertaken etc.

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