Q. What is the Singapore Prestige Brand Award?


The Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) is a branding accolade that recognises and honours Singapore brands that have been developed and managed efficiently through effective branding initiatives. The Award is today accepted as the brand award to attain for local brands.

Q. What are the Award Categories?


The SPBA comprises six main Award Categories to meet the demands of the market, namely:

i) SPBA - Promising Brands: For local Brands established for 3 to 8 years*
ii) SPBA - Established Brands: For local Brands established for more than 5 years*#
iii) SPBA - Heritage Brands: For local Brands established for more than 25 years#
iv) SPBA - Regional Brands: For local Brands established for at least 3 years and have presence in at least 3 foreign markets**
v) SPBA - Special Merit: For government agencies and not-for-profit organisations that have made and shown significant efforts in branding. Participation in this category is by the Award Organising Committee’s invitation only
vi) SPBA - Global Brands: For foreign Brands established in Singapore for more than 5 years.

Brands established for 5 to 8 years may choose to participate in either the SPBA - Promising Brands or SPBA - Established Brands.
Brands established for more than 25 years may choose to participate in either the SPBA - Established Brands or SPBA - Heritage Brands.
** “Foreign market” is defined as “a country or city with population exceeding 5 million”.
Q. Is it necessary to engage a brand consultant to do up the submission?


It is the prerogative of participating brands to engage a brand consultant to do the submission. Many past Winners were able to complete their submissions using in-house resources.

Q. How should I present my Award Submission?


All submissions must be presented according to the Judging Criteria. It would be good to have a balance of answers (to be presented in short paragraphs/point form) and supporting documents where possible. Clustering of content should be avoided.

Q Will the Company be allowed to participate if its Audited Financial Statements are not available?


Participating companies are required to submit one complete set of Audited Financial Statements for the 3 most recent financial years (2016 - 2018). If the financial statements for Year 2018 has not been audited, the most recent management accounts are acceptable. Companies qualified for audit exemption may submit the management accounts for the 3 most recent financial years (2016 - 2018).

Q. Is there a pre-determined number of Winners each year?


No. The number of Winners will depend solely on the quality of submissions received for the various categories each year, scored by a panel of distinguished judges from both the public and private sectors.

Q. What about the SPBA - Most Popular Brand Award?


This Award is given to the Brand that garners the highest number of votes from the public during the voting period in the respective Award Categories with the exception of SPBA - Special Merit. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in the Participation Brochure detailing the Do’s and Don’ts when canvassing for votes.

Q. Is there a registration fee imposed upon entry of submission?


No registration fee is required. However, a penalty fee of S$500 will be imposed for withdrawal once the participating Brand has been shortlisted for the Final Round of Judging, regardless of attendance at the Judging. All Winners will also be required to take up the:

i) Award Package at S$21,888, inclusive of prevailing GST, for all award categories except SPBA - Special Merit
  The Award Package is chargeable even if the Brand decides to withdraw from the Award upon notification of its win.
Q. When is the submission deadline?


Submissions must reach the Award Secretariat by Friday, 31 May 2019. Participants will be notified via email upon receipt of submission.


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